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Vision Business Club Dubai

Rebranding a business club in Dubai

Branding: positioning, brand strategy, naming.
Identity: developing a logo and corporate identity


The first Russian-speaking Business Club in Dubai. A value club for trust, interaction and development.


The logo is based on a circle as a symbol of sociability, communication, and collaboration.


The Vision Business Club brings together balanced, friendly, experienced, generous and wise individuals who have reached the top or are determined to climb to it. It is a source of increasingly powerful energy and creative positive forces.


Sun, dawn and Dubai enchanting sunset are all in one laconic sign.


Year after year, we communicate the values of partnership, visionary brilliance, and development, i.e. the GN10 agency principles shared by our clients.

The Vision Business Club Dubai branding is a vivid showcase in point. The project team on the client end involves value-minded entrepreneurs who have gathered hundreds of good and brave people in a circle of real engagement and to improve living and business standards.


GN10 Art Director Nikita Gorbunov


Project team: Nikita Gorbunov, Valeria Erofeeva, Maria Safronova, Egor Vasiliev and others.