GN10 branding & design agency

Nikita Gorbunov, Creative Director


Nikita Gorbunov

Founder and Creative Director GN10


Aesthetics and beauty around make us better inside.


For me design is more than just a number of graphic elements. This is beauty within a system where each element has its own place and function.


I grew up in a small military town, in a place where I really missed beauty. This was the starting point in understanding what I wanted to do. Already in my teens I knew that I wanted to create aesthetic design.

I am a proponent of accent minimalism. I do not try to say everything in one message and impress with the quantity of elements. I believe that the essence is one crystal clear thought, and I like to make a ‘wow-effect’ from it. To build impressions and to bring cool emotions to people for which they are ready to pay, and so am I.

The design for me is not about work, it is about life. In other words, a way of life. If I did not work in the field of graphic design, I would have created beauty in another area – for example, architecture or product design.

I get inspired while travelling, watching architecture and enjoying the beauty of yachting, so GN10 is my perfect team. I like to explore new worlds, to understand how they work, to find the perfect things and rethink this experience in our projects. I want to create impressions and emotional discoveries. And design is the best language for this because external beauty has an impact on our internal world. And I’m a fan of yachting, so GN10 is my perfect team, where members know how to reach the goal!