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“GN10 team has developed a 360˚ branding for the new shopping center, RIGA MALL, located in Krasnogorsk, a city near Moscow. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> A simple form combined with organic elements finally have brought the phenomenal results we were seeking: people would like to spend a lot of time in the mall. It’s nice even to be near the shops that represent some natural printed patterns, for example. It seems that you are in a spring forest”, says Nikita Gorbunov, founder and art-director of gorbunof creative agency.”

— ACROSS Magazine, OCTOBER 11, 2017

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“Bronnitsy Jewelry changed beyond all recognition. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Rebranding of Bronnitsky Jeweler included not only the brand identity - it included the shop space. Lounge and selfie area now feature bright neon accents and rough concrete textures to create the right contrast with the glamorous glass shop-windows!”


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“With this kind of design our shops look like boutiques. We hope that our customers will get a new experience of interaction not only with jewelries, but also with the brand”, Natalya Shumilina, the marketing director, said


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“Bronnitsy Jewelry has started the entire company and its sales network rebranding. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The moment when you open up a package with your purchase is always very valuable, even if it is a gift to yourself, -Nikita Gorbunov says.- Here you open the bag, take out the box, untie the ribbon, remove the cover ... And all you see is just a jewel. No tags - nothing extra.”

— Kommersant Style , JULY 29, 2019

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“As its symbol and the basis for rebranding Bronnitsky Jeweler chose letter “O” reminding a ring with a diamond. GN10 Agency headed by its creative director Nikita Gorbunov was responsible for development of the brand’s new corporate style.”

— BURO 24/7, JUNE 18, 2019

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