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Traveler's Coffee


Traveler’s Coffee


Traveler's Coffee is a networks of over 130 coffee houses in Russia, Germany, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkey and other countries.


Rebranding, identity, main and seasonal menu, coffee packaging, photo and video.


We carefully studied the competitive environment and the historical brand of Traveler's Coffee. As a result, we developed a new brand positioning, brand platform, a completely new brand identity - logo, corporate style, communication, printed materials (menus, print), as well as a brand book and design guidelines for more efficient development of the franchise network. 


Traveler’s Coffee offers a unique world of travel, new knowledge about coffee culture, delicious fully-featured seasonal menu and constant updates for visitors.


"The place where you want to stay longer than usual." 


New interiors of coffee houses


Traveler’s Coffee employees are enthusiasts, they love coffee and spent a lot of time traveling around coffee plantations all around the world in search of the truly best coffee.


A series of colorful coffee packages of Organic Specialty class of the brand Traveler’s Coffee. 


Thousands of guest photos in


Completely new brand!