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SPM Real Estate

SPM Investment Real Estate Agency Branding in Cyprus. Brand strategy, brand platform. Identity: logo and corporate identity, social media and motion CGI design.


SPM Real Estate

Investment Real Estate Agency in Cyprus

Brand Development: Brand Strategy, Brand Platform.
Identity: Logo & Style, Social Media, Motion Design, CGI.




The company is more than a real estate investment agency. This is a key contact – a symbol of modern easy communication in the field where it creates its own rules.


The key idea of the identity of the SPM project is to make a sign that will not be static, but will become an active part of the visual image in all communication channels. Make a corporate reception in video, social networks and media.

As part of the work on the project, we developed an updated positioning of SPM as a key contact in Cyprus.


By creating the SPM identity, we wanted to do something really new in the real estate industry. Directing the GN10 team, I was inspired by art installations by Jeff Koons and other famous contemporary sculptures precisely because I wanted to create a sign-art-object that is equally effective in digital media and in physical space. Contemporary art reflects the aesthetics of the world, a beautiful taste for life – the SPM key values.


GN10 Art Director Nikita Gorbunov