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The book "Neglinnaya, I love you"


Neglinnaya, I love you.


Book design about Moscow.


The illustrated publication is devoted to the past, present, and future of Neglinnaya district as a unique historical place of the capital of Russia. This is a place with a particular aura, a unique atmosphere and gorgeous history.


The book on which pages the history of Moscow come to life.


The book develops both the emotional and business style of the Neglinnaya Gallery shopping center. The sparkling blue color, aesthetic gold highlights, and bold typography create a magazine-like experience.


It took several years of efforts by a broad creative team to collect materials for the book: historians, archivists, several authors, entrepreneurs, designers, and photographers.


We divided the content into five key chapters. Many historical facts about Moscow are covered for the first time.


The book is designed in a magazine-style to emphasize the rare materials and show them in a modern and exciting way.


The leading exhibition took place at the Neglinnaya Gallery. Meanwhile, the part of the installation happened at the Gilyarovsky Center, a part of the Moscow Museum.


Creative Director GN10 Nikita Gorbunov:

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In my experience, audacious projects are usually done by a small group of people. The more people involved – the more opinions are present, thereby it is harder to preserve and realize the key idea. We had a perfect team of five dedicated people. 

We came up with an idea to break the book "Neglinnaya; I love you" into five chapters. There was no intention to promote something. Instead, there was an idea to connect history with our days, to show what had happened before and what has become nowadays.