GN10 branding & design agency

HolidayHall Samara

Rebranding the flagship Holiday Inn hotel in Russia

Branding: positioning, brand platform.
Identity: logo and corporate identity, brand book development.


The brand identity reflects a Holiday & Business concept of the hotel. The first positive letter "H" symbolizes vacation, and the second austere "H" symbolizes business and conferences.


The hotel features strict compliance with international hotel service standards. Spacious bright interiors, capacious conference halls, stylish design - hotel guests have enjoyed it all since 2010.


The hotel offers 176 rooms, 8 suites and presidential suites, which combine modern spacious interiors and unique panoramic views of the Volga river.


A corporate font with a positive letter "H" was created for the project. This design approach provides a distinctive branding for all advertising communications and navigational signs.


The HolidayHall Hotel boasts a few restaurants. We have created uniform layout principles for all menus and presentations.


The hotel brand book is more than 200 pages of the hotel brand identity guidelines, recommendations on the space designs and navigation, outdoor and indoor signage, advertising and digital formats.


Opening of the renovated hotel 03.26.2023


We have done a big comprehensive rebranding, refreshed the name and the entire design system in the hotel. Through a strategy session with the client, we identified particular features and benefits that make our guests love to stay with their families or hold business conferences with us.

In all GN10 projects, we focus on meaning. This allows us to design visual communications and design systems on any scale in a seamless and stylish way.

For example, a hotel features hundreds of points of contact, from signage to small information signs. Then they all follow the same rules and communicate the same meaning.


GN10 Art Director Nikita Gorbunov


The project involved Nikita Gorbunov, Valeria Erofeeva, Alexandra Prisenko, Anastasia Lavrinenko