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Dobrograd Design Code

A new city in the Vladimir Oblast

Developing the city’s design code, navigation and reference systems in the urban environment, standards for advertising and information structures.


Dobrograd is an eco-friendly and safe city, the first in modern Russia to be built from the ground up using private investment. Remote from industrial zones and located in the pristine forest belt, it creates a special atmosphere of comfort and peacefulness. Moreover, the city is conveniently located 12 km from the major economic center of Vladimir Oblast - the town of Kovrov.


Design Code means the rules and guidelines to achieve a stylistically unified urban appearance.


Outlines of petals are laid in the basis of the Dobrograd urban environment planning solution. In the city's identity, they symbolize hearts, family, and the key value of life - "a joy in living".


The loop structure of boulevards, extending the main roads out of the built-up area, has become a city-forming framework. The structure of the boulevard itself consists of the "petals" of roads, which is an artistic interpretation of the Dobrograd logo.

The urban environment of Dobrograd is different. It is closer to an international IT company campus, where the navigation system is friendly for pedestrians and motorists alike.

One of the goals was to solve the issue of navigational doubling and to avoid information noise. The city applies limits on the speed of cars, so the environment is safer. 


To create a unified image of the city's design code, the key element of the "petal" is integrated into the urban environment at the level of the main navigation signs, street name plates and eye-catching references.


City navigation system, signs and advertising towers


The signs in the pedestrian areas are organically integrated into the green spaces of the courtyards.


Signpost near the entrance to the city


The average height of the structure does not exceed 2/3 of human height, which creates an organic human-oriented urban environment.


Signpost at the main roundabout


By introducing navigation, we maintain the aesthetics of the comfortable urban environment - the navigation signs are partially transparent, and the petals work perfectly as recognizable signposts.


Street name plate





Advertising and signage


Information structures


Branding public transport and bus stops


Corporate pattern to decorate construction sites for the period of work


Working with Dobrograd is an interesting opportunity for us to make an urban environment literally from scratch - free from information noise from the very beginning. To make the city comfortable for living on all levels - from architecture to navigation, advertising and signage. To create an environment focused on making people happy.


GN10 Art Director Nikita Gorbunov


Team: Valeria Erofeeva, Maria Safronova