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A dentistry brand

Branding: positioning, brand platform, naming.
Identity: logo and corporate identity, brand book, navigation system, social networks.


A dental clinic with a transparent and positive approach.


Perfect white in dentistry is an artificial color. That's why the brand's corporate identity is established in a warm color scheme to emphasize fairness of the natural white color.


While creating the AllWhite! brand of dentistry, we came up with the interesting insight that a smile is first and foremost for onesefl. Turning their smile for the better, the clients pump up their self-confidence and feel calmer and more daring in the social environment.


While creating the brand of AllWhite dentistry, we found a perfect balance between the striking name and the fair brand identity reflecting the idea of the brand. Openness, transparency, and natural character are the values of the brave, positive and confident people.

In nature, everything goes in harmony, including the white color. The goal of responsible dentistry is not to reshape a smile to artificial standards, but to make our patients happier by emphasizing their natural beauty.


GN10 Art Director Nikita Gorbunov


The project involved Nikita Gorbunov, Valeria Erofeyeva, Maria Berletova, etc.